Put an end to boring-ass ride names.

Connect to Strava and let us give your rides the names they deserve.


To rid Strava of the boring default ride names that plague riders everwhere.



It's as easy as... well... riding a bike. Just post your rides to Strava like normal. If you give it a name then we'll leave it alone. But if it has a default name we'll jump in to help give your feed some pizzazz.


Ride Your Bike


post your ride to strava without a name

Waffles are just awesome bread.

Fulfill the prophecy, build a legacy, manifest destiny

I love a good nap. Sometimes it's the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning.

Whole Damn Planet Wanted A Piece Of Me

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Never Half-Ass Two Things. Whole-Ass One Thing.

Guy came in here looking for you. Real Grim Reaper-type. I don't know. Might further the plot.

You get hurt, hurt 'em back. You get killed... walk it off.

Let me know if 'real power' wants a magazine or anything.

If you try to escape, or play any sort of games with me, I will taze you and watch Supernanny while you drool into the carpet.

Destiny is the one doing the folding and we're the oregami swans

Bad decisions make good stories.

I used to think I'm indecisive but now I'm not sure.

Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy.

Look, I got a few good years left. If I want a
Chip Ahoy, I'm having it.


My ride naming game is weaker than a geriatric gerbil. Will this help make me cool?
Um.... YEAH!

That name sucks! Can I get another?
If you're not 100% satisfied with the ride name we chose for you, then add an old school sad face :( to the end of the name and we'll give it another shot.

What does Bandók mean anyway?
Bandok is the Tagalog (philippines) word for a mountainous area that is difficult to access. It is the origin of the english word Boondocks. It is used to describe a remote area which is where we prefer to spend our time.

Can I still name my rides myself?
After seeing our literary gold, why would you want to? But hey, if you just gotta scratch that itch you are more than welcome. If you name a ride we'll leave it alone. Even if we've already given it a name, you can still change it at any time. We won't judge.

Where do these awesome ride names come from?
Ride names come from movies and TV shows, pop culture, song lyrics, jokes, puns, and nuggets of wisdom all mixed with our own personal brand of humor.