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Virtual Ultra-Endurance Cycling

Trans Am

The Trans Am Bike Race is an annual, self-supported, ultra-distance cycling race across the United States. The route uses the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail developed by the Adventure Cycling Association.

Tour Divide

The Tour Divide is an annual mountain bike race traversing the length of the continental divide along the Rocky Mountains, from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Gravel Braintrust Trifecta

The GBT Trifecta is a social distancing stay-at-home bikepacking race with 3 epic sub-century loops out of the heart of Spokane, Washington.

BC Epic 1000

The BC Epic is a 1000km traverse across South Central BC starting in Merritt and ending in Fernie mostly along the Trans Canada Trail.

July Everest Challenge

Climb 60,000 feet while traveling from the Indian Ocean to the summit of Mount Everest. In this monthly event, mileage is irrelevant. You must accumulate elevation to progress. Can you climb 60,000 feet in one month?

Colorado Trail Race

The CTR is 500 miles and 70,000' of climbing winding through the Colorado Rocky Mountains between Denver and Durango. Approximately 300+ miles of singletrack at elevations ranging from 5500' to a gasping-for-breath 13,200.

Have an event you would like to see added to Bandók?

If you are the promoter for an ultra-distance cycling event of 200 or more miles then lelt's talk. Contact us to get the ball rolling.


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